DAYTON, Ohio – Adam Clouse is an active, young professional in Dayton who started donating blood when he was an undergraduate at Cedarville University and continued donating at LexisNexis blood drives.  He was surprised when he tested positive for COVID-19 and never expected his 24th lifetime donation would be a COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma (CCP) donation.

“I’m a regular giver anyway, so I know there’s always a need,” said Adam as he made his first CCP donation Sept. 17 at Community Blood Center.  “As soon as I found out they were specifically looking for those who had tested positive, it was a no-doubter. I was absolutely coming to do it. I’m happy to do it.”

Adam is a Wisconsin native who came to Cedarville to play basketball and get his business degree. He earned his MBA at the University of Dayton and works in corporate financing at LexiNexis. He may have been exposed to the coronavirus when he traveled to Wisconsin to serve as a counselor at a bible study camp in early August, but he’s not sure.

“The only symptoms I had were no taste and no smell,” he said. “I never had a fever or a cough. I thought it might have been the bible camp, that week and a half that I was in Wisconsin.  But no one else had a positive test. It could have been on the way.”

Adam will donate again in early October, which is sooner than the usual whole blood deferment because he will again be donating CCP. As a CCP “Crisis Warrior” he knows his antibody-rich blood will go directly to helping to a COVID-19 patient. It will also be his milestone 25th lifetime donation.

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