DAYTON, Ohio – Congratulations to Dixie High School senior Aubrey Dwire from New Lebanon who will wear the CBC Red Cord when she receives her high school diploma May 6 as part of a virtual graduation ceremony. Aubrey has every reason to feel proud about reaching her goals and refusing to let COVID-19 dash her dreams.

Aubrey first tried to donate at her high school blood drive in September of 2019, then made her first successful lifetime donation at Dixie’s January 2020 blood drive. With her donation at Dayton CBC on May 6 she completed the Red Cord Honor program requirement of registering to donate at least three times in her high school career.

“It doesn’t bother me to donate,” said Aubrey. “My mom wanted me to (complete the Red Cord). She said see if you can get it in before graduation!” CBC presented Aubrey with her Red Cord and she wore it as she donated.  She chose a red bandage wrap after her donation because “Dixie is red and gray.”

As for so many high school graduates across the Miami Valley and the nation, senior year did not go as planned. No prom, no last-day celebration, no parties, and no traditional graduation ceremony. “It’s not a big deal,” Aubrey said.

Aubrey’s nails were long, glittery and specially manicured. She did them only for graduation, because lately she’s been working on a home improvement project. “Otherwise I’m building a roof and they wouldn’t last long!” she said.

Tonight, Aubrey will report to Dixie High School in a group of four classmates, scheduled by alphabetical order.  Video will be rolling as each student walks across the stage and receives their diploma from their principal.

Afterwards, the group of four students will go outside and maintain a safe social distance as they toss their caps in the air, also on video.  Later, each diploma awarding and cap tossing will be edited into one complete Dixie High graduation video and shared with the community.

It won’t be the graduation that was supposed to take place at Dixie on May 26, the kind of celebration Aubrey and her classmates expected up until COVID-19 came along. But she also didn’t expect to be helping save a life by giving blood on a likely unforgettable virtual graduation day.

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