Jim Roszel won the grand prize YETI gear in the Lifesaving Adventure Blood Drive drawing.

DAYTON, Ohio – Dayton donor Jim Roszel suddenly has a lot more gear for family camping trips and outdoor vacations after winning the grand prize YETI Adventure Package in the Community Blood Center Lifesaving Adventure Blood Drive.

The campaign challenged donors to demonstrate their courage, commitment and compassion by donating from spring to fall. That support proved vitally important after the Memorial Day tornado outbreak and the Oregon District mass shootings.

Everyone who registered to donate from April 29 through Nov. 2 was automatically entered in the drawing to win a YETI Tundra Cooler, Base Camp chairs and 27 genuine YETI accessories. Jim was one of 42,934 donors who supported 715 mobile blood drives or visited the Dayton CBC Donation Center.

Jim works at CareSource in downtown Dayton and entered the drawing when he donated at the Aug. 28 CareSource employee blood drive. “That’s great,” he said when he learned of his good fortune. “I wasn’t aware I was even in the running, this is very nice news.”

Jim grew up in West Chester and began donating at Lakota West High School. He now donates regularly at CareSource. His company hosts six CBC blood drives per year, including three during the Lifesaving Adventure campaign. He was among 155 CareSource donors last summer.

“It seems like a good thing to do for the community and whoever needs the blood and so that was my purpose,” he said, “to give back.”

Jim looks forward to putting his YETI gear to good use. Jim and his wife like to camp, and his extended family will often rent cabins together on vacations to state and national parks.

“It will be really good to use with my family when I’m relaxing and enjoying my time off.”

But first he may have to explain that he hasn’t invited Big Foot to family gatherings. “I’m more familiar with the cryptozoological Yeti, like the abdominal snowman,” he said, “But yeah, this seems very exciting. YETI – thumbs up!”

CBC celebrate Lifesaving Adventure Blood Drive winner Jim Roszel.

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