The Dohner Family – grandson Justin Summers, Roger Dohner & wife Sharon, daughter Karla Davis.

It usually turns into a family outing when Bellbrook donor Roger Dohner (rhymes with donor) makes the trip to the downtown Dayton Community Blood Center (CBC) to donate. Wife Sharon, daughter Karla and grandson Justin all came along on his Monday, April 7 visit, but in one sense he was on his own. This was the journey to his milestone 100th lifetime blood donation.

It’s been a long enough road that casting back to its origins finds memory has faded. “I was in my 20’s,” said Roger.  “I’m 72 now!  So it’s been 50 years, anyway.  Someone we knew had been in an accident, and needed blood.”

The milestone puts Roger in special company. He’s a Donor for Life, and with his 100th donation he received his CBC “Donor for Life – 100 LTD” jacket.  But he wonders if he should have arrived at this destination sooner.  “When I was young I didn’t donate that much,” he said. “As I got older it seemed more like a responsibility I owed.”

It’s a sense of responsibility that his family shares. His wife Sharon has 33 lifetime donations.  His daughter Karla Davis made her 54th lifetime donation Wednesday and his grandson Justin Summers, who is just 19 years old, made his 6th lifetime donation.  “We like to do it as a family,” said Roger. “I just say, ‘You ready to go? They say ‘that’s fine.’”


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