Bobby McIntosh is a two-time Cash Explosion winner & 49 lifetime donation donor.

Bobby McIntosh is a two-time Cash Explosion winner & 49 lifetime donation donor.

When Moraine’s Bobby McIntosh wore his Community Blood Center (CBC) “Good Things Come to Those Who Give Blood” t-shirt at holiday time in December, 2011, he was a walking billboard for its believability.  After all, this was the retired GM worker who regularly donated blood and helped his neighbors – and had just hit it big on the Ohio Lottery “Cash Explosion” show.

Looks like Bobby’s going to need a new shirt.  As it turns out, if you keep giving, good things keep coming.

Bobby’s family and friends celebrated in 2011 when a $1 ticket earned him a spot on Cash Explosion.  They celebrated a lot more when his luck kept going as he appeared on the New Year’s Eve show and won $43,000.

Then, in an improbable case of dollar sign déjà vu, Bobby won his way back to Cash Explosion. There he was again, on the June 8 show, this time winning $34,800.

“I just couldn’t believe it,” Bobby said about his second time basking in the Cash Explosion sunshine. “I was just in total shock.”

Bobby has never been shy about connecting the dots between doing good deeds and sometimes hitting those strokes of good luck.  He became a blood donor after his daughter’s open heart surgery in 2006 and has been a regular apheresis donor since 2010.  “I said I was going to replace everything she used,” he said in 2011, “and I’m getting close!”

Bobby’s last platelet donation before his appearance on Cash Explosion was Monday, April 8 – the same day he got the call from the Ohio Lottery informing him that his name had been drawn from the hopper during the Saturday night, April 6 show.

“My wife is my secretary,” he said. “She keeps track of all the scratch-off tickets I send in.  We thought all of them had gone in the hopper (for the drawing) two weeks before.  But we looked back, and I had one ticket in the hopper that night, and they pulled it out.”

His blood donation schedule was interrupted later in the spring by a serious flare up of cellulitis in his foot that sent him to the hospital.  “It was swelled up four times its normal size,” he said.  “I thought I was going to lose my foot.”

Some might call that a rare turn of bad luck, but not Bobby. “I’m a lucky guy,” he said. “I’ve still got my foot!”  He also considers himself lucky in his career, retiring from GM in 2008.  “That was about six months before the shut-down,” he said. “So I got in my 30 years.”

Back to good health, and wearing his “Cash Explosion” cap and golf shirt, Bobby arrived at CBC Thursday, June 13 (13 is one of his lucky numbers) to make his 49th lifetime blood donation.

“It’s just a dream come true,” he said as he headed to the donor room.  His work as a handyman has been another way he’s able to give.

“I go out of my way to help people,” he said.  “I’ll fix things around their house and say ‘pay me when you can.’  If you go out of your way to help others, I think you’re rewarded for it.  I’ll go down and donate platelets and plasma.  There are some elderly people I help out by mowing their lawn or lending them a heater when their furnace goes out.”

Good Karma isn’t the only explanation for Bobby’s uncanny Ohio Lottery success.  He says he spends about $15 a week on Cash Explosion and has eligible tickets in almost every drawing. He regularly enters the Powerball and Mega Millions multi-state lotteries and estimates he spends $2,300 a year on ticket purchases.  “This money they’re giving me back is some of the money I’ve spent over the years!” he said.

But there is no doubt that Bobby McIntosh is on a roll.  With his blood donation Thursday, he is officially entered in the CBC “King of the Road Summer Blood Drive” to win a Harley Davidson Road King Classic.  “That’s a nice bike you got there,” he said, eyeing the full-scale cut-out of the motorcycle at CBC.   Could his luck carry over to a “King of the Road” win?

“It might!” he laughed. “If my name comes up, it’ll just go to show, it pays to donate!”



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