A message from CBC Darke Co. Representative Dana Puterbaugh:

Providing big smiles and a little bit of holiday comfort to Wayne HealthCare patients has been a mission of Darke County Lions clubs for the past 16 years. Clubs from Arcanum, Gettysburg, Greenville, and Pitsburg have again partnered with Community Blood Center (CBC) on the Teddy Bears & Friends for Wayne HealthCare program.

They make it possible for young patients at Wayne HealthCare to receive to Teddy Bears and other stuffed animals during the holiday season. This is definitely a joint effort. The Lions Clubs provide the finances and I purchase the stuffed bundles of love. I don’t take this job lightly! I make sure to purchase the cutest ones I can find and imagine the smiles and joy they must bring to a child who has to visit the hospital for any reason during the holidays.

So you might ask what does all of this have to do with blood drives? Well, not only do these great Lions Clubs support the Teddy Bears & Friends program, they also host the December Community Blood Drive in Greenville. This is where the two acts of giving come together. The stuffed animals are brought to the blood drive and everyone who comes to donate blood can sign a special gift tag attached to the stuffed animal of their choice. After the drive the stuffed animals are taken to Wayne HealthCare, distributed to different departments and given to young patients to lift their spirits.

There are many great stories of how this small gesture has made a huge difference to patients. Donors have actually received letters of thanks from the patient’s family.

Please support these Lions Clubs by donating blood and providing comfort to young hospital patients this holiday.

The Dec. 11 CBC blood drive will mark the 17th year for the Teddy Bears & Friends for Wayne HealthCare Patients program. The drive will be held at the Greenville Church of the Brethren, 421 Central Avenue in Greenville. Donation hours will be from 12:30 pm – 6:30 pm, and appointments are encouraged.

Thank you so much to the Lions Clubs of Arcanum, Gettysburg, Greenville, and Pitsburg for you community service.


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