The cookbook is here! The cookbook is here!

DAYTON, Ohio – A blood drive without cookies would be like a diner without coffee, a bride and groom without a toast, or a movie without popcorn.  But the new “I Did it for the Cookie” Cookbook by Community Blood Center (CBC) proves donors have an appetite for much more.

The “I Did it for the Cookie” Cookbook is a first for CBC.  Beginning Monday, April 16 through Saturday, May 12 anyone who registers to donate at any CBC branch location and most community blood drives will receive a free copy of this original, donor-inspired publication.

The new cookbook is a gift from donors for donors.  Throughout the fall and early winter CBC collected recipes submitted from blood donors, blood drive organizers and volunteers, friends, supporters and staff members.  Then came the long process of organizing and editing all those cherished recipes into a tidy collection of 273 dishes presented in a 175-page, soft cover, spiral bound cookbook.


Donors like to joke they “did it for the cookie” and that affection for the traditional treat comes through in more than the title.   There are more than 70 cookie recipes in the book, well more than any other dish.   Between the “Apple Treasures,” “Big Batch Butterscotch,” “Kristie’s Snickerdoodles” or the “Monster Cookies” it will be a tough choice which to bake first.

But the book also reflects the variety of foods produced by dedicated volunteers.  Mobile blood drives often become moveable feasts, with sumptuous spreads that rival a tailgate party at the ‘Shoe, or the carefully crafted culinary works gracing the cover of Gourmet magazine.

Mouths will be watering over the “Texas Caviar Dip,” “Bachelor Soup,” “Easy Pleasing Meatloaf,” “Nana’s Lentils” and “Granny’s Chicken Dumplings.”

The cookbook will also prove to be a handy kitchen helper with information pages on pantry basics, herbs and spices, baking tips, measurement charts, and some useful advice on napkin folding.

Also, if you are looking for the cook behind the recipe, the book provides an index of all contributors.  As it says in the dedication, the “I Did it for the Cookie” Cookbook is about the people who are so willing to help others:

”In this recipe book we celebrate not only the time-honored tradition of the blood drive cookie, but also the connection between sharing the gift of life and sharing a table.  Blood drive volunteers draw from their richest recipes to say a sincere “thank you” to donors. They cook, bake and assemble delightful dishes to help donors replace what they have sacrificed and to provide the warm satisfaction that comes from doing good and eating well!”


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