James Hoelscher makes his 100th LTD.

It’s the first day of February and James Hoelscher of Dayton arrives at Community Blood Center (CBC) to make his regular blood donation wearing t-shirt and shorts.  “I wear shorts all year, except December and January,” he explains.  True to his calendar, February 1st is short weather, no matter what Punxsutawney Phil says tomorrow.  But today’s milestone isn’t about Groundhog Day… it’s about James reaching his 100th Lifetime Donation

“I knew it was coming up,” James says, “but I forgot about it until I got here.”  It has been a steady path through the years leading up to today’s gift of life.  Every donation has been whole blood, as James puts it, “One at a time!”   He says he started donating in 1983 while serving in the Navy when a friend needed blood after a motorcycle accident.  The friend survived, and James kept donating. 

“It’s something I can do,” he says.  “Other people can make rocket ships or cure people.  I can help people by giving blood.” 

Congratulations on your 100 LTD James!   And even if the groundhog sees his shadow, forecasting six more weeks of winter, we know James will be wearing shorts.  We like your sunny outlook James!  Many thanks!


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